Research Grants


  • PN-III-P1-1.1-TE-2016-2147: Correlative optical imaging in the far-field and near-field regimes: technical developments and applications (CORIMAG), 2018-2020, [CO]
  • PN-III-P1-1.1-TE-2016-2147: Label-free quantitative microscopy based on second harmonic generation at nanoscale (NANO-SHG) 2018-2020, [CO]
  • PN-III-P1-1.1-TE-2016-2147: Novel Optical Imaging Approaches for the In-depth Understanding of Advanced Nanostructured Materials and their Interaction with Biological Species (NANOMATBIOIMAGE) 2018-2019, [CO] (in collaboration with the Ningbo Institute of Material Technology &. Engineering, China)
  • CN: Guangxi Scientific Research And Technology Development Plan: Exploiting the application of single molecule imaging technology in researches of enzyme engineering 2017-2020,  [P], (in collaboration with the Guangxi Academy of Sciences in Nanning, China)
  • PN-III-P2-2.1-PED-2016: Quantitative Nanoscopy for the Characterization of Biological Tissues (Q-NANOBIOT) 2017-2018, [CO]

Past EU Research Grants

Past National Grants implemented within the last 5 years

Past National Grants implemented before the last 5 years

  • RELANSIN nr.2017/15.09.2004 Telmicro [Coordinator (CO)]
  • RELANSIN nr.2052/30.09.2004 Sas [Partner (P)]
  • RELANSIN nr.2051/30.09.2004 Tncw [P]
  • CERES 4-171/2004 Artlif [P]
  • CERES 4-172/2004 Biocer [P]
  • CEEX C51/2005 NanocrystalNet [CO]
  • CEEX 611/2005 Nanoscale [P]
  • CEEX 3/2005 NMS [P]
  • CEEX 86/2005 Sublito [P]
  • CEEX 05-D11-286/2005 Sesam [P]
  • CEEX 142/2006 Biofilm [P]
  • CEEX 129/2006 Bionanomat [CO]
  • CEEX 103/2006 Menelaus [P]
  • CEEX 200/2006 Nanointeh [P]
  • CEEX D11-9/2006 Plasmadais [P]
  • CEEX nr.229/2006 Spirocemat [P]
  • PNCDII-P4 41-005/2007 Medstoma [P]
  • PNCDII-P4 71-103/2007 Cernucl [P]
  • PNCDII-P4 D11-031/2007 Larfmed [P]
  • PNCDII-P4 11-027/2007 Mast [P]
  • Capacitati M3 27EU/2009 Bioelectricsurface_ro [CO]
  • IDEI 726/2009 1566-Dezvolt. in microsc. [CO]

Past Bi-lateral Cooperation Grants