• 2 October 2015: Mr. Denis E. Tranca will defend his PhD thesis entitled “New Techniques for High-Resolution Optical Microscopy” in a public meeting, at University Politehnica of Bucharest, Leu Building, room B025 – B026 12:00 PM. 
  • 16 September 2015:  Mr. Denis E. Tranca has defended his Ph.D. Thesis in front of the Department of Electronic Technology and Reliability at University Politehnica of Bucharest. Following his presentation, the evaluation committee  has voted for the public defense of Mr. Tranca’s thesis to take place in October
  • 4 September 2015: Nobel Prize Laureate Stefan Hell visits the Center for Microscopy-Microanalysis and Information Processing

Stefan Hell visits CMMIP-UPB






  • 11 June 2015: Dr. Stefan G. Stanciu has recieved the Best Poster Presenter Award at the EuroNanoForum in Riga, Lativa for his contribution: “Combined Multimodal Imaging at Micro- and Nanoscale Using Complementary Contrast Mechanisms”

EuroNanoForum Award

  • 8 June 2015: Dr. Stefan G. Stanciu gives invited lecture on “Optical Imaging Beyond the Diffraction Barrier with Far- and Near-Field Techniques” at University of Tartu in Estonia.